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“Faraja” is a swahili word meaning to comfort and encourage someone to take off after a disaster, long illness or terrible suffering from an accident or a loss of an important family member. Many families in Burundi have gone through many difficult times by losing their love ones because of war, malaria and HIV/AIDS. They would all love to hear the word “faraja” spoken to them.


FAWO has a mission to comfort victimized women in one way or another, to restore their hope again to encourage them to go for the better future, to bring back smiles on their faces. FAWO does this by helping poor women building hope based on financial self-esteem. We do this by teaching women to apply faith together with actions, because faith without work is dead.


FAWO aims at comforting and empowering Women in Burundi to become financially independent. This program organizes thousands of poor women in urban and rural areas to make regular personal savings that help building start up financial capitals that allows starting personal specific projects and businesses. The overall goal is to eradicate poverty in poor families and households.


FAWO’s project goal is to empower mothers, single mothers and widows to become financially independent through entrepreneurs.

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