The PHC of Burundi under pressure


Being in some countries in Europe, it would be normal for some Christians when a mosque can purchase a closed church building.  In Africa and in Burundi in particular, it would be an abnormal situation to witness.


This short article was first published in September 2012. Since then, the situation has not changed, but thanks God the deadline was postponed from December 2012 to August 2013. We thank God for that and this is the reason of republishing it again to seek more prayer. We also thank everyone who has remembered us during prayers.

Sad reality to happen

Yes! Now, I am sharing with you this short article on the sad reality that is about to happen, if prayers are not effectively mobilized. Mosque is about to replace one of the Pentecostal Holiness Church in Burundiin Africa.

This church has been using a rented building, which is now on sale. Next to the church, a Mosque was built three years ago. In Burundi Muslims are aggressive buyers when it comes to replace a church by a mosque.

Now this mosque is pushing hard for to buy the property aiming at taking over a Christian church. That would mean for Muslims here, a conquest of a Christian Church but also an American missionary found church, a victory, a good ground of proudness and a success in the Islamization of Burundi but also, Africa and theWorld.

The owner of the property, who is a Roman Catholic follower, would like the property to remain into the hands of the church. Now he has set the deadline for August 2013 for the PHC of Burundi to purchase the property. After that time,the sale will be open to the public. It is obvious that the failure by Christians to purchase the building will give Muslims green light to take over the property!


Loosing this building has many consequences. Alongside with using the building for church activities, the building is also used as an area Centre for to reach out to children for Jesus through feeding and education of orphans, destitute and street children.

For now, members of the PHCof Burundi are not by their own means able to afford the price set for the property; while Muslims are. At the property, around 50 church members meet every morning for prayer sessions, which last for 30 minutes between 6.00 and 6.30am. In total almost 400 members, including children are calling for Jesus Christ to commit His people and resources with a willing to save the image of His Church in Burundi.

Nehemiah’s approach

Their emotional are mixed on bearing the shame in front of Muslims when the church will be replacedby a mosque. As Nehemiah felt when the nation of Israel was living the shame of the ruins of the walls and gates of Jerusalem, as a leader of this this church, thus I am living a huge desolation.  I have been praying for a rescue from heaven. Nehemiah had favor in front of the King Artaxerx’es because of his job, which put him in a good position of high influence to reach into the presence of the king where he used that opportunity to advocate for his people, the same way, I do.

When he had favor from the king, Nehemiah could no longer have to worry any more for the provisions to implement his reconstruction project. We shall rejoice and celebrate the victory of believers in God through Jesus.  I do believe, Jesus needs someone like kingArtaxerx’es to act in favor of the Nehemiah’s needs in this situation of PHCof Burundi!  We will be comforted by everyone reading encouragement and confirmation of prayers your step in this partnership in prayer for this situation.

May the riches of the salvation, love and grace be abundant in your life and ministry in Jesus Christ.


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