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Bishop of PHC in Burundi

President of Pastors’ Network,
in the South of the City of Bujumbura
Director of African Children Outreach Burundi

The PHC of Burundi under pressure

Being in some countries in Europe, it would be normal for some Christians when a mosque can purchase a closed church building.  In Africa and in Burundi in particular, it would be an abnormal situation to witness. Read more!

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A Mum who saved her son from a burning hut ended up in desolation

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PHC 2013 National Conference in Burundi

   The PHC of Burundi is announcing that a national conference will be held from 29th August to September 1st  2013. We are inviting to take  part of this upcoming event in Burundi.Please contact us for more information via e-mail to

God blesses you.

Bishop Seth Nkeshimana,

  Pentecostal Holiness Church in Burundi,


IPHC 2013 General Conference in the USA

In July 2013, the Bishop, Rev Seth Nkeshimana, will attend a General Conference of the International Pentecostal Holiness Church in Texas, USA.

All saints are requested to pray for this bishop’s upcoming trip and all planned activity in the USA as well as in Burundi. Please remember to pray also for all delegates from around the world who will be attending the conference.

May you be blessed as you will respond to this call for prayer request.

PHC of Burundi


Today’s Missionaries and Apostles’ functions

You are now in front of a list of functions and characteristics of apostles/missionaries. You can evaluate your work and find out if you qualify to be a Missionary or an Apostle. The score is expected to be 100% based on these 21 points! Click here to read more.


Marks of an Apostle:Eight points to Remember!

     1). Plurality of Apostles – works as part of a Team: (1 Thess. 1:1; 2:6) Lets look a little deeper at the apostle’s ability to work alone but also as part of a team. He is not easily threatened and likes to work with others. In fact over “twenty men,” at one time or another, were associated with Paul in his apostolic travels. True apostles are not charismatic lone-rangers who lack and even despise the checks and balances of plurality. This is one reason that they like to bring on younger men in their calling in God, such as Paul did with Timothy. Read more here!



From 27th February 2013, the Bishop of PHCB, Rev Seth Nkeshimana and his wife Charlotte Kaneza will be attending a celebration of 100 years the IPHC in  Africa. The event is planned from 28th February to 5th  March 2013.

All saints are invited to pray for this bishop’s couple while out of the country.

May bless you all who join this prayer request.


The Goddess and Feminist Catholicism

by Dr Alan Pateman, 4th September 2012

Copyright ©

     In today’s article including the one directly following this, we are going to look at some more statistics centred around the “demand-for” and “consumption-of” – pornography. After that we will conclude this whole series “The Seduction of Women” with an article concerning the mounting and controversial subject of “homosexuality.” For sexuality in general (despite orientation) – is high on the devil’s agenda for the culmination of this age. In fact “paganism” as it existed in centuries gone by – is still prevalent today; promoting sexual debauchery and intensifying its depravity. So let’s take a look at what Wanda Marrs says about this particular subject; “The Goddess & Feminist Catholicism.”

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PHC Burundi is calling for prayers for peace and stability in Burundi

A new civil war…?

A former Burundi military officer, the General Aloys NZABAMPEMA had announced the first weekend of Septemebr 2012 his decision to resume war in Burundi. Genera Aloys NZABAMPEMA is a former rebel fighter in FNL ranks. His statement came out to justify the rebel attacks on Burundi army base near Bujumbura the capital city of Burundi. During this attack, which took hours of fire exchange according to reports from media, two rockets were used by rebels not far from the International Airport of Bujumbura.

General Nzabampena was one of the top leaders on top command of the rebel group during the conflict with the government until 2009 when he was integrated into the army with the rank of major. But in 2010 he deserted the same army giving reasons for his actions in a statement issued to the local and international media by saying that hundreds of members of the political opposition parties had been killed by security forces in Burundi.

His specific accusations to the government include “murders, corruption, impunity, destruction of opposition parties, arbitrary arrests of journalists and civil society members, extermination of FNL members, partial justice, impunity and electoral fraud”.

From the contested elections of 2010, the human rights violations escalated. Based on recent reports released by the human rights groups here, hundreds of people were killed in political violence. Human Right Watch had provided recently an overview of the human rights situation in Burundi with particular emphasis given most on violations of the right to life and emphasizing that leaders of the opposition figures fled the country in fear for their safety. The same fear is felt much more today than it was before the declaration of war by General Aloys NZABAMPEMA.

All saints around the world are hence called for prayers and fasting for peace, stability, and mutual understanding in this country.

Bujumbura 12th March 2012

This Wednesday March 14th, PHC of Burundi will host two very important guests. Bishop Moses, the PHCB superintendent in Uganda is coming with bishop Michael of IPHC Tanzania.

These guests will hold crusades in different churches. This Thursday 15th an opening crusade will take place at Kamenga, an PHCB of church in Bujumbura. Venue: 16.00 Bujumbura time.

All of them will travel to GITEGA the next morning of Friday 16th to open another crusade for three days. Bishop Michael will come back to Bujumbura on Saturday 17th morning to hold a third crusade in the afternoon until Sunday 18th.

we wish you a warm welcome and we have been praying that God will bless you.


The Bishop of PHCB


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