Volunteers, Missionaries and Visitors

The Pentecostal Holiness Church of Burundi (PHCB) is privileged to inform international ministers and missionaries from different denominations that we extend a warm welcome to every one who would like to visit Burundi.

PHCB will provide you a variety of opportunities to learn from a range of cultural knowledge and skills with local people. This is a unique occasion for personal ministry experience development. Our visitors are oriented into different ministries within the local churches. We do all this in obedience to the great commission, (Matthew28: 19-20).

Training local missionaries and social workers

 This voluntary programme is done in collaboration with local church leaders. Do you know how to equip local church members, train local missionaries and get them involved in strategic outreach ministries; PHCB is one of your unique greatest mission opportunities: visitors on short or long stay get facilities to travel in all our churches to see direct impact of missions and evangelism in churches in remote rural areas.

There is wide variety of learning opportunities: about the people, culture, environment, African church leadership management, and local livelihoods experiences.

Visitors may get facilitation to visit churches, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, orphanages, social care and HIV/AIDs centres, and more.


There is no back ground qualification required to become a visitor, volunteer or missionary within PHCB. However, the respect of good Christian values and characters are to be considered if someone has to apply to do a voluntary work at any of PHCB churches. No teaching certificate is necessary to do temporally teachings visits in the schools. It is expected that volunteers will demonstrate a sincere commitment to sharing their skills with the community in an PHCB church within genuine respect for the people’s and culture.

Equal Opportunities

We are committed to ensuring that every applicant applying for a visitor’s role within Pentecostal Holiness Church of Burundi is treated fairly. Our selection processes is carried out in a way that ensures that individuals are selected purely on the basis of their ability to play the role for which they have specified. All visitors receive favorable treatment on the grounds of sex, marital status, disability, race, ethnic origin, nationality, age and political opinions.

Click here to download the application form



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