Today’s Missionaries and Apostles’ functions

Today’s Missionaries and Apostles’ functions

You are now in front of a list of functions and characteristics of apostles/missionaries. You can evaluate your work and find out if you qualify to be a Missionary or an Apostle. The score is expected to be 100% based on these 21 points!

21 major functions and characteristics of apostles

  1. An apostle goes first, he is a pioneer,
  2. An apostle is tough but fatherly,
  3. An apostle is not flimsy in his approach,
  4. An apostle allows others to build with him,
  5. An apostle does not waste his time,
  6. An apostle’s spiritual-backbone is everything,
  7. An apostle has an affinity with all things in order.
  8. Apostles are very good at working-together, they need each other,
  9. Apostles do not compete between them,
  10. Apostles observe and watch when others race and chase,
  11. Apostles have wisdom and a panoramic view of how things are developing,
  12. Apostles keep their finger on the pulse – knowing where everything is up to in its overall development,
  13. Apostles have different gifting, such as pastoring and teaching,
  14. Apostles are not nervous about money, whether in abundance or in lack,
  15. They are productive wherever they are,
  16. They know how to abase and abound,
  17. They are extremely hard working and focused,
  18. They are always preparing and therefore are always ready and live prepared,
  19. They have greatest satisfactions in seeing “spiritual-maturity” outworked in the people,
  20. They motivate people and help “release” the gifting’s within others,
  21. They work ceaselessly to achieve the goal set before them,


By Re Seth N,

Inspired by Alan Pateman Ministries.









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